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Re: "kabelfoon" modem installation

Don't ask my why, but the kabelfoon modem returns a "no carrier" when a connection has been established. Just remove: ABORT 'NO CARRIER' from /etc/chatscripts/provider and it will work fine with ppp.

Good luck,


At 22:54 20-6-01 +0200, you wrote:
I just installed Debian version 2.0.38 and now I have a lot of questions The first, and most important one, is how to get my "kabelfoon" modem (cablemodem) to work. It's connected to a normal serial port. I get some reaction from it just using PPPconfig but then it just dies. I seems I have to use a TCP/IP connection (and something with SLIP but I have no clue as how to install this. I already tried to install SLIPLOGIN with dselect. And I can't get that to install. Please someone help me!!!!!!!!
You might need someone Dutch with a kabelfoon modem because I don't know of any other ISP that use these modems
Thanks in advance
Tino van Uffelen

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