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Re: Ripping MP3s


> Can anyone recommend any package for creating mp3s from CDs (yes, I do
own them :)
> under Debian? I tried searching the package list but there was nothing
> only players it seemed.

cdparanoia to extract the audio from the cd.

LAMEend to encode to mp3.  You will need to get this from the
web.  Head to google for locations.   Encode at at least 192k
VBR or it sounds like poo over anything other than computer

There are some wrapper perl scripts floating around to do this
all automagically too (including getting track names from cddb
if you want).  Search on google.  I think theres a gnome app
called grip too?

> For bonus points you might also like to recommend a sound card, as
> I'm not sure that mine (Yamaha WF192XG) works too well (or at all)
> using GPL-type software.

Have you tried Alsa?  If yes, and it didnt work, then good working,
tested cards are as follows:-

a) reasonable: Sound Blaster Live Value (cheap)
b) proper:     M-Audio Delta Audiophile (expensive)

I have "b" as it uses twin RCA jacks straight into the back of my
amp, but most people dont need that.  It's worked floorlessly
though and doesnt downsample like emu chips do!  The Delta
card has a 103dB SNR ratio so it doesnt hiss like the SBlives.

> Gary, soon getting some RF headphones and wants to turn his
> computer into a jukebox :-D

Heh - good idea ;) ;)


- Chris.

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