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Re: lp0 on fire

David Raeker-Jordan <rkrjrdn@epix.net> wrote:
>I was printing a rather large label job from a local debian machine to a
>remote debian machine that has an old dot matrix printer attached to it.
>After about 10 minutes of printing to the remote printer, the message "lp0
>on fire" popped up on the remote machine's terminal and the printer stopped
>for a minute or so. The printer then continued, but the "lp0 on fire"
>message keeps coming up every several minutes along with the corresponding
>pause in printing. I did not find a similar message on the local machine.

Aha, haven't seen that error message for a while :)

Install doc-linux-html or doc-linux-text and have a look at the Linux
FAQ for this one. Here's a quote:

8.3 lp1 on fire
   This is a joke/traditional error message indicating that some sort of
   error is being reported by your printer, but that the error status
   isn't a valid one. It may be that you have some kind of I/O or IRQ
   conflict - check your cards' settings. Some people report that they
   get this message when their printer is switched off. Hopefully it
   isn't really on fire ...
   In newer kernels this message reads lp1 reported invalid error status
   (on fire, eh?).


Colin Watson                                     [cjw44@flatline.org.uk]

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