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Re: Streamed Audio application?

   Hello Ed,

Quicktime does not have something for linux - was released last month, but I 
haven't had much of an urge to check it out. Smirf the quicktime site. The M$ 
evil player code is evil - forgetaboutit. Yes, a note to the broadcaster is a 
sane thing to do. I haven't listened to my *former* favorite FM broadcaster 
in over a year becuase of the insane switch. I didn't just drop a single 
note, I dug around and found as many top level email addresses to the new 
corp that owns the station and then cc several. In the end, there was a heavy 
volume of mail from very unhappy campers and I think we made some heads turn.

Yup, the ogg format is free. There probably is a means to broadcast it 
already, and if not, it's on the way. Also, ogg is going to do video too. 
This will be a monumental day for the free camp!

gl and keep bugging the folks that use evilware.


On Wednesday 13 June 2001 16:49, Ed Falis wrote:
> Anyone aware of something that can be used on Linux when a radio station
> offers streams for Windows mediaplayer or for Quicktime?
> - Ed


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