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Re: newbieDoc.sourceForge.net

* David Nusinow <krmt1984@ucla.edu> [130601 11:03]:
> Not that I'm against some duplication, but isn't this basically what 
> www.linuxnewbie.org is doing? They were absolutely critical in my early days 
> of linux, and I still head back there every so often to search the archives 
> to see if anyone else has had my problem.

Hmmm...you might want to head over there and check it out again then.  "Sensei"
no longer works for Internet.com (he went to work for Trolltech, I think).
Sooooooo...the fate of linuxnewbie is currently up in the air.

For what its worth, I did enjoy linuxnewbie (heck, got my ISA PNP USR 56K Modem
configured and running using the information at that site) but I do think that
it tended towards the "magical incantation" side of the linux experience.  


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