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Re: What happened to the task-gnome* packages in Woody?

> What happened to the task-gnome* packages in Debian
> Woody?  I see that the packages are still available in
> both Potato and Sid but Debian they are curiously absent
> in Woody?
> If a user wishes to install Gnome, which packages must
> he install in the absence of a single task package?

How 'bout a workaround ??

Using apt-get to install something like "gnome-core" will
prompt you for numerous additional, but required, gnome
packages. The information page for "gnome-core" also lists
"suggested" packages. They are: gnome-help, gnome-panel,
gnome-session, and gnome-terminal.

Personally, I'd only install the apps I *wanted* and and other
packages that are req'd to run them. Using apt-get, I think,
will accomplish that.


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