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Re: [users] Re: Why can't I?

On Wed, Jun 13, 2001 at 05:46:09PM +0200, Auke van der Gaast wrote:
| Well, not really, or maybe a bit. I just wouldn't like, for 
| instance, the homedir of my little brother, (who can make 
| my machine download things, since I have cable and he 
| has 'only' a 56k modem connection.) to be accessible to 
| colleagues. 

By "make my machine download things" do you mean that he logs in and
uses ftp or a web browser?  If so, then he ought to be downloading the
stuff into his own home directory.  By default (and quite naturally)
users _can't_ see someone else's home directory unless that person
explicitly makes it readable.

Normally users can only write (save) files in $HOME and /tmp, and /tmp
can be cleared at any time (such as reboot) so downloads shouldn't be
put there.

| Kind of a privacy issue for others, not my own, because 
| ofcourse I don't mind them seeing the configuration and 
| such of my system.

If the "others" follow normal practices by putting their stuff in
their home directory and not making it world reabable then they have
that privacy they want.  (with the exception of 'root', but if you
can't trust 'root' you shouldn't be using the system ;-))

| Thank you guys for taking the time.

No problem.


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