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IPMasq No Joy

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Hi all,
Already posted about this once and thank you for the responses ... unfortunately I'm still stuck.
I have IPMasq installed, and as far as I can tell ipchains and ipmasqadm aswell
I can ping IP addresses from both my Debian server and my masqed internal machines, however I cannot telnet, ftp or access domain names in my browsers.
As far as I have learned debian does not have rc.local, rc.firewall or firewall files, but instead uses individual scripts in  /etc/ipmasq/rules to set things up. Is this correct? If so then which of these rules should I be looking at to try and figure out my problem ... to put it mildly, there's a *$!#load of them and I'm a bit lost at where to start.
Any more help will be appreciated. I'm sure this problem will take me 10 minutes to fix when I figure out what it is :)

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