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Help with menu configuration for Debian + WM

     I've changed my window manager from WindowMaker
to blackbox with very little problems (the thing i
miss most about WindowMaker is the <ctrl>+<esc> window
configuration menu. It was keyboard shortcuts until I
read the README and found that they could be supplied
by a package [handily in .deb format] named bbkeys


that has it's own config utility!), BUT.........

     Now I have to do some custom configuration with
the Debian menu. I had 2 menu problems using
WindowMaker but could work around them by using the
app-dock. Since I no longer have that luxury I will
now have to grapple with them, namely Opera 5.0
(installed from source) and licq (from .deb).
     I expect a missing menu entry from Opera but not
from licq (I've had it on other installs), it has an
entry in /usr/lib/menus/ (though it was named licq-ssl
which is installed as well) that is as follows:

?package(licq): needs=X11 section=Apps/Net\
  title="licq" command="/usr/bin/licq"

and should be included in a update-menus when run as
root but will not show up in the menu.
     I have since read the documentation, compared it
with other entries in /usr/lib/menu that DO show up in
the menu (I added quotes around Apps/Net as the other
entries had), renamed it to licq from licq-ssl,
checked permissions/ownership (identical to all other
entries), copied it to /home/tim/.menu/licq and
/etc/menu/licq and after running update-menus had it's
entry still fail.
     Does anyone have a clue as to what I missed? I'd
appreciate a heads-up!

P.S. I'm not even going to TRY to with Opera until i
can figure out what's up with a standard Debian

Regards-   Tim Stetson  Whiskey Sour     Nuhn O. Yobiznez

		Licq # 14373626
   Why?.........Why not?..............Why not try?

          The rule of an inquisitive mind.

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