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Upgrade Path From Potato :-(

Hi all,

I'm not sure if I've screwed up here, but I decided to upgrade from
potato to woody last night, but now I can't seem to get X
reconfigured.  Looking at dselect, it looks as if I have packages from
both 3.3 and 4.0 versions of X installed. This can't be good, right?
I'm not sure what exactly happened. All I did was change the potato
references in my sources.lst file to woody and ran apt-get update;
apt-get dist-upgrade. I had to repeat this process a couple times with
an apt-get -f install thrown in every once is a while to get all the
dependencies worked out, but now I'm left scratching my head. 

Can I fix this by unintalling all X related packages and then just
choosing a version and stick with it?

Or am I better off just reinstalling from scratch and then upgrading
to sid or just plain waiting until something more stable solidifies?

Here's a question. What's the better release to move to, woody or sid? 

Thanks for the advice.


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