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Re: SVGATextmode and Banshee

On Fri, Jun 08, 2001 at 08:52:05AM +0200, the person known as David Knudsen wrote:
> >Thanx Jorge, now I can read my mail in console mode, so I don't need an xterm
> >  for that. Now trying to find out how I can
> >load an sharper font and I again a bit further.
> >Again thanx
> Please do report your results here.  What do you answer to vga=ask, how do
> you find and install a new font etc.  That would be very helpfull to a
> Banshee-owning Linux-newbie as myself.  :)


Up till now I only change to the biggest screen in Vga mode. I did an scan on the prompt but nothing really changed. But my
first goal was to find an bigger screen, so I could read and write mail easier in Mutt. But I try to remember your question

regards Mark


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