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Debian and FreeBSD


This is a return to an oldie I started some time ago.

Now I have FreeBSD on hand, I'd like to install it 'next to' Linux.
There's a FreeBSD + Linux HOWTO, and it answers some questions, but:

I'm exploring GNU parted for partition resizing of my 30G hard drive. I
can it seems resize my current /dev/hda3 partition (my main Linux
partition) and create a new /dev/hda4 partition to hold FreeBSD, however
parted doesn't -seem- to be able to create partitions of type BSD/386,
which is what is needed for FreeBSD.

The filesystem types which parted is able to create are: ext2, FAT, hfs,
linux-swap, ntfs, reiserfs, hp-ufs, sun-ufs. I have read (in the Linux +
FreeBSD mini-HOWTO and elsewhere) that FreeBSD is type UFS (the BSD/386
label being more ... specific? would that be accurate?). But ... which
type? And how do I get from one of the UFSs that parted allows me to
create to the BSD/386 partition that I need?

Am I missing something obvious? Sorry, it's late and I'm tired. Would be
interested to hear from anyone who has done this.


Glenn Becker

"Everyone's Portal to Nothing At All"

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