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Re: xscreensaver

On Sat, Jun 02, 2001 at 07:21:30PM -0500, ktb wrote:

:Every .xinitrc I have put together has exec lines for each line in the
:file.  If I understand it correctly all exec does is execute the
:program.  The tricky part is when back-grounding programs with "&" there
:has to be one, usually the window manager, which *isn't* back-grounded.  I
:have one .xinitrc for a kiosk which has everything back-grounded except 


exec executes something in place of the current process.  If you are
in a bash shell and type "exec tcsh" when you exit tcsh you will exit
you login session (or xterm or what ever).  If you had simply typed
"tcsh" when you exit you'll be back in bash.

Obviously, this is working for you though.  I suspect it's because
you're backgrounding the jobs.

The example I was refering to wasn't backgrounded.  Alot of people
don't background setting the root window (not required because it
exits quickly and goes on to the next thing, though consistency would
be good too).

I didn't consider that backgrounding the job would make the "exec"


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