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I want to make a Debian friendly box.

Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this.

I have an old IBM Aptiva M71 with a NEC XV15 monitor that I am going to
for use with linux, preferably the Debian Distribution. This means maxing out
the RAM to 128 and getting rid of the mwave sound/modem card and installing a
new video card.

The cards I'm considering to replace the mwave are the ATI Xpert 128 pci card
for video and the Soundblaster AWE64 ISA card for sound. I've read the
documentation for the cards currently supported by the latest release of
Debian, both cards are supported. What I am looking for is a person who
actually has either of these cards in their system or has experience
them under linux. I would like to find out if they are happy with how the
performed with linux, if the cards were a pain in the butt to get to work
properly, that sort of thing.

The functions this PC will be performing when it is up and running will be to
play games and web browsing. I know, light weight and trivial jobs for a linux
box but I need something that won't crash every five minutes and that kids
can't accidentally delete an important system file and make the computer

Price of the cards is a major issue, although I'm sure their are cards out
there that give better performance and work better under linux.

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