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Re: question?

Perl is pretty cool....
besides... its name is cool.....

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Sent: Friday, June 01, 2001 1:31 AM
Subject: question?

> I don't want to start a flame war, BUT....
> I've been working with Uinx since I was 12, now I'm 28.  I've been a linux
> fan for about 3 years.  I started with red hat, but when a friend told
> debian was tthe one, I started using it.  and quickly learned the
> of Debian.  I feel i'm adaquet as a user.  So , what is my next step?  I
> thought it would be learning some programing.  my problem is, there are so
> many languages out there.  I tried to start with C, but couldn't get
> the book. I started a project that used php and have become pretty good at
> it.
> My question is what programming language is best to learn??????
> Wayne
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