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Re: gnumeric

On Wednesday 30 May 2001 11:13 pm, Renai LeMay wrote:
> can someone give me pointers as to why gnumeric is not apt-gettable in
> unstable? or a way to apt-get it?

I assume you mean the libgal6 problem. It's bug #99041 if you're curious. The 
gnumeric package has a dependency on the libgal6 package, but that's been 
removed from sources (I think) and replaced with a new libgal7 package. This 
broke the gnumeric package, and some other packages like gabber.  I don't 
know of a way to apt-get it, and there's no follow up yet in the bug report. 
I don't know if gnumeric will build with the new libgal, but that's what the 
maintainer will have to do. There is a bug (#98450) filed against libgal7 for 
breaking libgal6, but the maintainer doesn't see this as a policy violation. 
You'll probably just have to wait for the gnumeric maintainer, Vincent 
Renardias, to repackage it if you don't want to compile from source. If 
you're really curious, drop him a polite email about the subject.

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