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Re: Using tar saving Disk-space [was: apt-get offline]

Well, I know how to use tar in general. Zipping the .debs is not
necessary because they are already zipped. What I meant is: The .tar
file takes the same amount of space as the .debs themselves. So after
having tarred them , I need twice the space as before. So I want to
delete each .deb after having it added to the .tar archive (to avoid
exceeding my disk quota ;-) )


Bart Martens wrote:
> You can compress all .deb files into one zipped tar file
> with only one command. See the manual page of tar. You
> don't need to write code with a "for"-loop. I think it's
> tar czf packages.tar.gz debdir
> with debdir the directory containing all your .deb files,
> and packages.tar.gz the target zipped tarfile.
> On Wed, May 30, 2001 at 10:36:13AM +0200, Joerg Johannes wrote:
> > Hi list
> >
> > Now that I can transfer my downloaded .debs in a .tar file, I wonder if
> > I could create this .tar file saving disk space, e.g. in the following
> > way
> >
> > <pseudo-code>
> > create a tar file (touch packages.tar?)
> > for *.deb in this directory
> >    1.) add it to the tar file
> >    2.) rm this .deb
> > end
> > </pseudo-code>
> >
> > Is this possible for (non-GNU)-tar?
> > How would this look for the csh?
> >
> > Even better: Could this be included in the wget-script?
> > thanks
> >
> > joerg
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