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Re: conclusion from Re: Samba won't start

On Sat, May 26, 2001 at 12:12:07PM -0400, D-Man wrote:
> Well, I have more or less solved the problem (at least identified what
> the solution would be) :
> It turns out I had xinetd configured properly.  When I tried it on the
> Duron 750 box (with 128MB RAM) it works beautifully with no visible
> delays!  If I run nmbd as "standalone" (since it doesn't die anyways)
> and smbd from xinetd it works on the 486 box (only 8MB RAM) iff the
> box isn't busy doing other stuff.  When I try to browse the shares I
> can see and hear the hard drive cranking for a few seconds before I
> see a response.
> I guess I need to increase the power of the machine  (acquire more
> RAM), or perhaps I will get better performance if I run it as
> standalone and let it sit in swap most of the time. 

There are two problems.

First that you identyfied. More, more RAM ...
On my server (486/33) 20MB RAM was sufficient on potato. Now it is running
woody - I had to remove many services, play with priorities for others.
Currently nmbd and bind have -6, smbd +3, lprng +12, sendmail +19 (with
limiting to 3 children). Apache was gone, dhttpd is in use.

Second is that nmbd is like DNS service but it has different properties.
Yes, you can run it from inetd but it will be usable ater some time after
starting (only one advantage for non standalone nmbd is quick reload via
killall :) I use that samba server in multiple subnets enviroment for years
without mayor problems but in all cases I allways configure WIN*-stations to
use my server as WINSserver - dynamic configuration (aka browser election)
causes many troubles.


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