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Re: Samba won't start

On Thu, May 24, 2001 at 08:34:32PM +0200, Mirek Kwasniak wrote:
| On Thu, May 24, 2001 at 07:55:14AM -0400, D-Man wrote:
| [...]
| > Does samba work when run from xinetd?
| Yes, samba works from xinetd but you must add a special flag for nmbd in
| xinetd.conf:
| service netbios-ns
| {
|         flags           = REUSE
| ...
| nmbd once started never exits - only when crashed :)
| smbd starts and exits nicely when is invoked form xinetd.

Hmm, I couldn't get either nmbd or smbd to work from xinetd.  I added
that flag for nmbd, but the windows box didn't know the machine
existed.  Then I tried nmbd as standalone and smbd from xinted.  The
windows box know the machine was there (nmbd functionalit) but
couldn't see any shares on it (smbd functionality).

I think it might be an issue with timeouts -- windows isn't waiting
long enough for xinetd to startup then handoff the socket to the
proper daemon.  Is there any way I can change the timeouts on the
windows box, or make xinetd respond faster?  (windows 98 -- probably
the first edition as I got the machine in august '98)


PS. Just a note for other users: windo~1 still has stupid
    hard-coded path length limits -- samba share names can't be any
    longer than 13 characters or windows will say "Couldn't access the
    share name '%s'.  Make sure you typed it correctly", but it
    truncates the name.

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