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Re: announce galeon-0.10.6 unofficial package

On Wed, May 23, 2001 at 03:49:26PM +0200, christophe barbé wrote:
> i all,
> I've made a debian package for galeon 0.10.6.
> This package is build against sid (aka unstable)(should certainly rebuild
> against other debian dists).
> It requires a patched version of mozilla 0.9.
> I've rebuild the kitame packages with this patch and you can apt-get it at
> the same url.
> Feedback is welcome.
> http://christophe.barbe.online.fr/debian/

Hello Christophe,

I added
deb http://christophe.barbe.online.fr/debian/ ./

to my sources.list but it didn't work.

What apt says:
Failed to fetch http://christophe.barbe.online.fr/debian/./Packages  404 Not
Found [IP: 80]
W: Couldn't stat source package list http://christophe.barbe.online.fr ./
Packages (/var/lib/apt/lists/christophe.barbe.online.fr_debian_._Packages) -
stat (2 No such file or directory)

i can access your site via a webbrowser, and it works fine then.

Alex Suzuki | asuzuki@NOSPAMbluewin.ch | http://www.cynox.ch
To send me an email, remove NOSPAM from the above address

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