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Re: Booting under a user login

* Victor <vdemart@supereva.it>, 2001-05-23 00:07 +0200:
> Yes, but you know, with 64 MB of memory, choosing kdm (and kde as a desktop) 
> StarOffice runs very slowly. 

It's OK here (P133MMX, 64 MB RAM). Maybe you have some demons running
you don't need?

> For my experience on my laptop I prefere to start StarOffice by means of 
> startx putting these two lines in .xinitrc:
> icewm  # a much ligther window manager than any gnome or kde
> /home/user/office52/./soffice   # 
> In so doing I spare about 15 Mb of memory in favour the CUMBERSOME StarOffice.
> Any other console-command option? to put in a bash script?

You could install StarOffice4 SP3, which is _much_ lighter; or have a
"pure StarOffice user" by running no window manager at all, like

# file ~/.xinitrc
exec  /home/user/office52/./soffice

A. B.                                       [andre.berger@topmail.de]

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