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Re: Missing gnumeric dependency?

On Mon, May 21, 2001 at 17:13:33 -0500, Dave Sherohman wrote:
> unable to open module file: /usr/lib/gnumeric/plugins/0.47/libgnum_python.so:
> undefined symbol:  _Py_NoneStruct

Hmm... 0.47 is quite old; I'd recommend against using it for anything

> This is on a not-quite-pure potato system (not-quite-pure because the
> previous sysadmin had a source line for proposed-updates) on the Alpha
> architecture.
> What package would include the library containing _Py_NoneStruct?

On my unstable i386 system, it's in python-base:

odin jdassen 17:53 /usr/lib > nm --defined-only --dynamic
libpython1.5.so.0.0 | grep Py_NoneStruct                                                           
0006206c D _Py_NoneStruct
odin jdassen 17:53 /usr/lib > dpkg -S /usr/lib/libpython1.5.so.0.0
python-base: /usr/lib/libpython1.5.so.0.0                         

> Would I be OK to just delete libgnum_python.so

Yes, it's just a plugin.

> - and, if I did, would dpkg just put it back when the next revision of
> gnumeric gets installed?


> What other options are there for getting that error to go away?

Configure gnumeric not to load all plugins by default.

Tevens ben ik van mening dat Nederland overdekt dient te worden.

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