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small partitions are faster?

hello. I have a 20 gbyte fujitsu. My bios didnt recognize the disk as a 20
gbyte so I jumpered the drive to 2gbyte to trick the bios. ( this model
can do that). I boot on MS-DOS and then use loadlin to load boot linux.
I made some tests using dos, and when copying files I get an average disk
transfer rate of 5.1 Mbyte /s.
I did the same test using linux and get 2.6 average. These tests where
made with a 100megabyte file and a watch. :-)
tell me something, does the faster speed is because I have dos on  2gbyte
partition? if I had my drive partitioned into smaller partitions instead
of having a huge 18gbyte Iwould have an increased speed performance?


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