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Re: cp binary cd to hd

cp -d will work, but I reckon cp --archive (same as cp -dpR) is better
for these purposes. (as always, a look at the man page is informative :)

I did this exact same thing to install onto an old laptop without a
cdrom drive. Only I created some virtual hosts in my apache conf file
and just added them to the sources.list on the laptop. that way you
don't have to set up nfs everytime you need to install new packages on
the laptop.


<VirtualHost binary-1>
    DocumentRoot /var/local/binary-1/
    ServerName binary-1

<VirtualHost binary-2>
    DocumentRoot /var/local/binary-2/
    ServerName binary-2

<VirtualHost binary-3>
    DocumentRoot /var/local/binary-3/
    ServerName binary-3

you then need to add the hostnames (binary-1, binary-2 etc.) to you
hosts file and then put the relvant lines in the sources.list on your

deb http://binary-1/debian stable main contrib non-free

Jaye Inabnit ke6sls wrote:
>     Hello,
> I have 2 cdroms (one is a writer) and three 2.2.r3 binary disks I wanted to
> work into an nfs for a lap top I'm putzing with. I have several 5gb
> partitions on my second drive. Thought I'd just cp binary #3 disk to that
> partition. I watched as it filled the drive.
> Question, how does a disk that can only hold 750mb of data fill a 5gb
> partition? :| I'm completely at a loss. It just *seemed* so simple.
> tia
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