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Re: Running X apps in Windows

on Fri, May 18, 2001 at 05:33:46PM -0500, Jonathan Daugherty (cygnusx5@hotmail.com) wrote:

> Does anyone know of a FREE package allowing one to run an X app on a
> linux box in such a way that it can be used across a network on a
> windows box, in the same way that X apps can be run over networks?

You're looking for an X server.

I don't know of any _good_ free X servers for Legacy MS Windows, though
Mi/X is free, it fails the first criterion.

Other vendor options:  XWin32, by StarNet, is a reasonably priced (about
US$125 per seat) X server that I've demoed.  It's acceptable, and runs
(as do many current X server products) in both "full screen" and
"locally managed" mode.  


Full screen projects a Unix desktop onto your local system, locally
managed mingles your X applications with locally served applications --
they behave as though they were running from your local PC.  Both modes
support copy and paste between X and PC applications.

A free 30-day time-limited demo is available for download.

I've also used and would recommend the Hummingbird and Reflection X
products (http://www.wrq.com/), though they are rather more expensive.

Another approach, is VNC, for Virtual Network Computer.  



Rather than serve the X session on the PC, VNC maintains the entire
session state on the server.  A viewer application is run on the client,
to display this image -- both native and Java clients are available.
Cut and paste between local and VNC apps is supported.

It's possible to close or move the client independently of the server --
you don't lose session state if your PC crashes, you can move the
display among different workstations, and you can even export the entire
session over the Internet (several ASP solutions are based on VNC).
Note that when forwarding connections over an unsecured network you
should tunnel through an appropriate protocol such as ssh or PVN.

Instructions here:  http://www.uk.research.att.com/vnc/sshvnc.html

Advantages:  portable, stateless, open, no X server required on client.

Disadvantages:  heavier server load, slower than X or native display,
unsecured (though VNC can be tunneled through SSH).


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