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quiet dialup tip - away the modem roar


I've finally solved my ip-up script and now my scripts are running when I 
connect to my ISP. Wahoo.

Next I hate hearing dialup on modems. It's obnoxious! Here is what I did to 
my /etc/chatscripts/provider file pppconfig made for me:

Under the string: 
                # modeminit
                '' ATZ
                # ispnumber
Now add:	OK-AT-OK ATM0     Just before you see Your local dialing number:
                OK-AT-OK ATDT4445555

This (at least on *my* modem) shuts off the speaker of the modem!
Finally, you can do this if you dial up more then one ISP, just add the entry 
to each of the dialups in /etc/chatscripts/


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