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Re: What every retailer should know

D-Man wrote:
> On Thu, May 17, 2001 at 12:19:38PM -0400, MaD dUCK wrote:
> I am a software engineering student.  The funniest part of the
> article, for me, is this paragraph :
> """
> Limited Developer Tools
> There are limited developer tools available for Linux. Those that are
> available are much more difficult to use than Microsoft Visual Studio.
> Thus, the same application can take much longer to develop for Linux.
> """
> Right.  Did M$ forget that C and C++ originated on Unix systems?  (For
> those who don't know, Ken Thompson, Dennis Ritchie and Brian Kernighan
> were three of the guys who created the first Unix system and are also
> the guys to created C)
> I have to use Windo~1 as my development workstation at my co-op job.
> My primary tools are (g)vim, bash, grep, etc ... they are *nix tools!
> Without cygwin, windows would be virtually unusable.  Fortunately my
> system behaves as much like unix as possible for me :-).
> -D
> PS.     This company is a Java shop and doesn't use Visual Studio at
>         all, except for Visual Source Safe.  It is similar to rcs, but
>         with a gui frontend.  I don't have much experience with cvs,
>         but I know it is far superior!  (The gui of VSS is nice,
>         sometimes, though)
> PPS.    Most of the people here use JBuilder, but one guy uses emacs.
>         A contractor whose contract recently expired also used emacs.

emacs with jde works great for Java.

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