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Re: What every retailer should know

MaD dUCK wrote:

> "Microsoft Windows has better security than Linux"
> it's absolutely hilarious, just about like everything that comes out
> of the redmond circus.
> the original is at
>   http://www.microsoft.com/europe/industry/downloads/
>     retail/Linux%20report.doc
> but because that's about 600% the size of the actual valid
> information, and furthermore absolutely proprietary (and most likely
> virus infected), i went through the trouble to translate it to html.
> get ready for comedy!
>   http://www.pantsfullofunix.net/ms_white/
> and on a related note, i want to make sure that you all know about the
> following two sites, which i think are excellent! especially the kirch
> paper was one of the better reads i had in a long time!
>   http://www.vcnet.com/bms/
>   http://www.unix-vs-nt.org/

not really the lastest news. Suse already respondet at the 11.05. (sorry  only
fond a german version: http://www.suse.de/de/news/hotnews/MS.html ) and the
OpenSource Community responded recently to this:

But I like the link to the Unix vs NT site.

I think we should stay quite calm to this kind of Marketing because there is not
very much we can do about it. And the peolple who belive thisare hard to
convince about the opposite. They want to belive what MS tells them and they
what to waste their money.
For me it was a nice joke and I had a good laugh


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