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wwwoffle and Content-Encoding: gzip

I recently discovered that I can't display cached files that are sent
as gzip-ed files using the http header 'Content-Encoding: gzip'.  I
have tried both w3m and netscape browsers, and neither of them will
display them, but both of them will display properly when I am online.
W3m shows a blank screen with a 'No Line' header, and netscape puts up
an error box saying that 'A communications error occurred'.  Does
anybody know if this is a actual wwwoffle problem, or if I have
something configured wrong?  I checked the bug reports, and there is
no mention of this type of problem.  I am running debian stable with
wwwoffle version 2.5c-10.

The following a sample URL that works as stated above:

Thanks for any suggestions.  If it actually is a wwwoffle problem I
will report it as a bug, but I hate to bother them with my problems.
Carl Johnson		carlj@peak.org

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