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Re: 3c509B driver, trouble configuring

On Tue, 15 May 2001, Bob Wilkinson wrote:

> Also see http://www.scyld.com/network/3c509.html which tells us
> Only the IRQ and transceiver setting may be overridden when using
> the driver as a module. Setting two cards to 10base2/IRQ10 and
> AUI/IRQ11 is done by using the xcvr and irq module options: 
>   options 3c509 xcvr=3,3 irq=10,11
> i.e. the option io *is not* available when the code is loaded as a
> module - hence the error. You may have to play with the values for 
> xcvr - I think I got by with xcvr=3 irq=10 (but try xcvr=0 if this
> doesn't work).

Ohhhh!  So it *is* intentional.  (I didn't need to do anything with
xcvr to get it to work, and couldn't actually find out what this
common parameter refers to on network cards..)


ben taylor

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