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Re: IPMasqing NFS

On Monday 14 May 2001 15:11, Chris Majewski wrote:
> "Lance Hoffmeyer" <lhoffmeyer@informationunlimited.net> writes:
> > I would do this by setting up a Web Server (Apache), perhaps with SSL
> > support.  This is what I did on my machine to listen to MP3's. This way
> > only  certain directories are accessible and you can password protect
> > these directories.
> Yeah that's a good idea, though right now I don't really feel like setting
> up a webserver  just to  serve  my mp3's..  There  is also  the problem  of
> selecting more than one tune at a time, which others have mentioned.
> cheers,
> chris

Try icecast. It is a streaming media server that will stream mp3s anything 
that will play mp3s. http://www.icecast.org

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