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RE: 3c905C Drivers

I tried to get this to work.  I tried 2 different NIC cards and the built in
one on my laptop.  I could not get 1 NIC (the older one) to work and my
laptop.  It did however work with my new NIC.  (this is on kernel 2.2.18)
using Debian's  2.2r2.  All 3 seemed to work great with 2.4.X kernel.  I am
not sure about using kernel 2.2.19 included in r3.  So not sure what your
success would be with the 2.2.19 kernel, but it should work with the 2.4.X

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The 3c59x kernel module covers that card.

On Sun, May 13, 2001 at 12:14:33PM -0700, The Reutzels scribbled...
> I want to get my NIC working and the only drivers that I found for the
3c905C are not for Debian.  Could anybody help point me to the right place
to get these drivers so I can get my network up and running.

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