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Re: Problems with sendmail

On Sun, 13 May 2001, Robert Schmidt wrote:

> I upgraded to woody and downloaded the newest version of Sendmail. I've been
> running 8.9.3
> for a while with no problems.

What version of db2/db3 is installed? Did you remake the maps
(newaliases, etc)?

> The problem now is that /var/spool/mqueue-client gets filled with local
> bounces: like
> >>> RCPT To:<root@notquitesonic.com>
> <<< 550 5.7.1 <root@notquitesonic.com>... Relaying denied
> 550 5.1.1 root... User unknown
> and if I restart sendmail I get this on the console:
> root... User unknown
> root... User unknown
> postmaster... User unknown
> savemail: cannot save rejected email anywhere
> Further if I try to send mail from mutt I get:
> Error sending message, child exited 71 (Operating system error.).

Drat, I've seen this, but don't recall (other than the libdb2/libdb3
version changes) what might cause it

> Anyways if anyone has an idea drop me a line. I can provide more info
> you if you need it. You are welcome to telnet into smtp at notquitesonic.com
> if it is any help. It is currently receiving mail fine from external hosts.
> And for a while yesterday I was able to send.

>From an external site:
expn root
250 2.1.5 <robert@notquitesonic.com>

>From the box itself should then work fine *UNLESS* you're using LDAP, or
some other means to verify your users.

If you're using ldap, be sure to setup libnss-ldap.

Rick Nelson
Debian Linux is a solid, comprehensive product, and a genuine pleasure to
use.  It is also great to become involved with the Debian collective,
whose friendliness and spirit recalls the early days of the Internet and
its sense of openness and global cooperation.

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