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Re: Sendmail and local addresses

On Sat, May 12, 2001 at 12:28:00PM -0400, Richard A Nelson scribbled...
> On Thu, 10 May 2001, Jason Majors wrote:
> > I have several machines, one acts as a mailserver, with an MX entry and all.
> > The others are clients that know to use the server as a smarthost.
> Are all the boxes configured with domain whizzird.net
yes. All are something.whizzird.net. And all have the appropriate /etc/hosts
entries to back that up.
> > When I send
> > mail to a local account, I get an error from the smarthost server saying that
> > the address user@box.whizzird.net can't be found. But when I add the
> > @whizzird.net to the address it works fine. These boxes are running the sendmail
> So the problem is that sendmail is adding the machine name, instead of
> just using whizzird.net right ?
yes. Mail goes to jason@magneto.whizzird.net, which is not understood.
> > from testing (the one from stable stopped working on me).
> > I tried to use the sendmail address rewriting mini-HOWTO's advice to allow it
> > to send local mail, but the sendmail I have doesn't like the format of the file
> > for some reason. Is there an easy way to send local mail with sendmail?
> Define local mail:
>   * Mail destined for a user on the same box
>   * Mail destined for a user in whizzird.net
> The sendmail definition is the former...
I was thinking any mail internal to the network. But even cron mail is not
delivered on the debian boxes. I'd like somebody on any box to be able to send
mail to 'jason' and have it automatically get the '@whizzird.net' added on
(which would send it to the server box and all would be good).
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> Rick Nelson
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