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Re: Etherenet card problem.

At 3:55 PM -0400 5/10/2001, Aaron Traas wrote:

I have two cards laying around, a Linksis LNE100TX and a Kingston
KNE110TX. Both are tulip variants. Both worked under Mandrake 7.2.
Niether is working under Debian.

I had the same Linksys card and had massive problems trying to get
the default tulip driver to work. SuSE tech support had a little blurb about
it being recognized by the standard tulip driver and they had a modified binary
for it.

Recompiling the driver was hit and miss, too. Sometimes when the star were
aligned it would recompile and load.

My fix was to go out an get another NIC, a natsemi based NetGear FA311.

Anthony Lau

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