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Re: UDMA with Kernel-2.4.3 and hdparm -X68

mike polniak wrote:

> I just got a new Maxtor HD to go along with my IBM hd. With Kernel
> 2.4.3 and using >hdparm -d 1 to set DMA on, i get disk reads of 30MB/sec
> on the IBM. The Maxtor DiaMax UDMA (ATA 100) yields only 3 MB/sec.
> The IBM is auto detected at UDMA mode4. With the Maxtor i have to
> run >hdparm -X68 -d 1 to set the xfermode to UDMA mode4.But obviously
> it doesn't work (the drive info still says maxDMA=0(slow)).
> If i use Kernel 2.2.18pre21 the -X68 option of hdparm successfully
> enables the Maxtor to transfer at UDMA mode4 (about 33 MB/sec)
> even though the drive info still reports maxDMA=0(slow).
> Any thoughts on getting the Maxtor to be enabled with Kernel-2.4.3.
> Is this a known issue with DMA that will change in later kernels?
> Or should i just replace the Maxtor with another IBM?

Make sure that you have thre proper IDE chipset support compiled into your
kernel. You could also try the  ide0=ata100 flag at boot time to force ata100
transfer mode.

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