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System Limits (in Debian)

	Hi all,
	I have a site running Debian GNU/Linux 2.2 and caucho servlet (www.caucho.com) 
for serving web games.
	It's a P III 700 Mhz with 512 Mb and it's in limit.
	A technical staff sugested to change some system limits as bellow. I changed
at the machine, rebooted and didnt work.
	Can anyone help me?
	TIA, Paulo Henrique

   We looked into the problem you reported. I think I know what the problem
is. The maximum number of file handles per process is set too low on the
MPGC server. Each connection requires one or more file handles so the
maximum number of file handles is a hard limit for the maximum number of
concurrent connections. The log files show that the number of users has
almost doubled the last few weeks (that's great) the logfiles also shows
that the file handle problem kicks in when the number of users started
growing. This started on Sunday April 8.

In order to fix this problem you have to set some settings on the server.
You use a Debian Linux distribution and I do not know 100% sure how to do it
on Debian Linux but on Redhat and SuSE Linux it can be done like this:

As root edit the file _/etc/sysctl.conf_ and add the following two lines (or
change the existing entries to match them)

fs.file-max = 10240

fs.inode-max = 40960

And for the file _/etc/security/limits.conf_ add these two lines (or change
the existing entries to match them)

* soft nofile 1024

* hard nofile 10240

I'm afraid you need to reboot the server (the machine) to activate these

Please note that I am not sure that these changes are correct on a Debian
Linux distribution, have your system administrator double check these
settings. With the file handle limits raised like this the MPGC should be
able to accept 10 times more concurrent connections as currently the case.

Paulo Henrique B de Oliveira
Gerente de Operações - Linux Solutions - http://www.linuxsolutions.com.br
O maior conteúdo de Linux em língua portuguesa - OLinux - http://www.olinux.com.br
(21)526-7262 ramal 31

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