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Re: chat -- AT command

Hello Debian Users!
On śro 09 maj 2001 07:50:54 GMT John Hasler wrote:

> Add "REPORT CONNECT" to the top of your chatscript

OK, thx. Unfortunately that's not exactly what I want to do. Chat is
invoked with the -v options which means, that it should be verbose: it
should log everything what comes from the distant host and everything
what chat sends. In chat's manual is written that the logging is made
with syslog. The problem is that not all messages are logged in
/var/log/messages. How can I change this behaviour? I read both chat and
syslog manpages but there is no answer. In chat's manual is no mention
about logging facility used by chat.

Tomasz Olszewski | caster@from.pl
"O, czasy ! O, obyczaje !" -- Cyceron  

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