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Re: IDE <b>raid</b> - which is better ?

> Hi,
> I am putting together a workstation which will have raid.  I found the
> following vendors which have ide raid controllers:
> www.promise.com  (fastrack100)
> www.3ware.com    (escalade 3w-6200)
> I will be doing raid 0 (striping) strictly for performance.  Does
> anyone have experience with these cards or any other cards?  Any
> recommendations/comments welcome.

go 3ware. promise is not releasing information to kernel
developers and people are having random problems with it. 3ware's
drivers are open source and have been integrated into the kernel.
i am recieving a 3ware based ide raid system tomorrow and can
report to you how it works when i wipe out redhat and put
debian on it next week if you are interested.


is where i ordered mine from. i had ordered 3 similar
units from a company called "pogolinux" last week and
they were the worst pieces of crap ive ever used. the
experience was horrid. im hoping/expecting asa
computers to be better :) 

the system im getting has 4 75GB IBM drives in raid5
and 1 30GB ibm drive for the OS.

on a side note, promise's ata100 controller(non raid)
is excellent, at least under 2.2 kernels, it solved
my problems i was having with the newer VIA IDE chipsets.
rock solid..very fast and stable.


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