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Re: Installing Debian over a Suse system

On Mon, May 07, 2001 at 11:33:22PM +0200, einar.jorgensen@fmc.kos.no wrote:
> I have installed Suse 7.0, but want to shift to Debian 2.2. I have read
> installation manuals and FAQs regarding installing Debian, but have not
> found anything on this item.

There was a guy a couple years ago who upgraded a Red Hat system to
Debian without rebooting it (!).  He wrote down what he did and put it
on a web page somewhere; maybe that will give you some ideas.

I think the simplest way to change distributions will be to (a) back
up /home and all of your tweaks, (b) do a clean install, formatting
the drive and everything, and (c) restore your /home and put your
tweaked software in /usr/local.

Hope that helps.


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