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Re: Installation problems with Woody

Woody boot-floppies are most likely very preliminary at this point and
I wouldn't expect a seamless installation. Any comments should be sent
to the debian-testing list. (I haven't received anything from
debian-testing for quite a while, so didn't even know that the
boot-floppies had been released).  I'm cc'ing debian-testing with this

I agree that the dead http.us.debian.org server is a potential problem. 
I don't know if one server has been down for quite a while or if there
have been random outages.  I usually just repeat my 'apt-get' command
and another server is reached.  Obviously this could be a problem with
a script.

On Mon, May 07, 2001 at 10:55:54AM -0400, Carl Fink wrote:
> A server I have root on was compromised this weekend.  Since we don't
> know the vulnerability that was exploited, but we do know the attack
> came via an account I set up, I decided to back up my home directory
> and reinstall my system.
> I had been running potato, but since I was doing a scratch install I
> chose to install woody, which in principle should be near stable
> status.  I downloaded the six floppy images from debian.org (actually
> sourceforge) and began.
> The installer is as basic as ever, but there are problems beyond its
> expecting the user to have memorized his/her hardware and know what
> some pretty technical words mean.  For one, apparently one of the
> servers sharing the name "http.us.debian.org" is down.  When it comes
> time to install the base system, therefore, about every third
> download sits idle for eternity.  The timeout is set to a
> ridiculously high number, something like ten minutes -- so trying to
> install the base system essentially means your system will download
> 0-2 files, then freeze for ten minutes, then return to the "Install
> Base System" screen.
> Shouldn't a failed attempt to download a .deb file lead to a second
> attempt, not an "I give up"? 
> I happen to be Internet-savvy enough to figure out the problem and
> manually type the kernel.org mirror's address in place of debian.org,
> but a naive user will just think the installer doesn't work.
> And that isn't my big problem.  The system *cannot* be made bootable,
> at all.  Yes, it's a big drive, and yes, I did create a small
> partition at the beginning to be /boot.  No dice.  There appears to
> be only a generic "it didn't work" message that doesn't report LILO's
> specific error, meaning I have no way to figure out why it doesn't
> want to work.
> Okay, I'll create a boot floppy.  Well, as it turns out, no I won't. 
> I get the informative message that "boot floppy creation failed". 
> Guys, that isn't especially helpful.  No, it isn't defective
> floppies, unless all five that I tried just happen to be defective in
> such a way that DOS format can't detect it.
> So after a long, frustrating install process I have a system that
> cannot be used.  Could there at least be an option to use LOADLIN? 
> LOADLIN works really well, and I can make that little partition at
> the beginning of /dev/hda be a DOS drive.
> Pardon my venting.
> -- 
> Carl Fink                                     carlf@dm.net

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