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Re: How to get mutt to use mail aliases

> > Now when I try and edit the To: Cc: Bcc: fields and press
> > tab, mutt will not give me a list of email addresses from
> > my file.  It just tabs across the screen like tab normally
> > does.
> >
> > Note: I have gotten it working if I don't set edit_hdrs and
> > get prompted for the To: address and then press tab.
> > But the documentation seems to suggest that it can be
> > done as this quote points out: "To use aliases, you merely
> > use the alias at any place in mutt where mutt prompts for
> > addresses, such as the To: or CC: prompt. You can also
> > enter aliases in your editor at the appropirate headers if you
> > have the $edit_hdrs variable set."
> Is that by chance referring to when you hit "m" for new mail
> and it prompts you for a "To:", "Subject:", etc and not at the
> point when it's waiting for you to hit "y" to send it ?? When
> you're typing your message, you can see the To, From,
> Subject, etc information, but you're actually looking at your
> editor, vim, for example, and not mutt at that point.

Yes, I'm responding to myself... ;-)

There may be a setting along the lines of "ask_cc=yes" req'd to get
mutt to prompt you for a "cc" address during the initial message

Yeap, sure is:

Type: boolean
Default: no

If set, Mutt will prompt you for carbon-copy (Cc) recipients before
editing the body of an outgoing message.

I'd guess very few people specify this and since the default is
"no", obviously you don't get asked.


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