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Re: wait till end of write, how?

> > One alternative is to use a "semaphore" file.  Have the NT app create a file
> > named, say "busy", just prior to starting the transfer of the big file.
> > Once the big file is transferred the NT box erases "busy".  The shell script
> > would be written so that if the "busy" file exists, it doesn't touch the big
> > file.
> > 
> And if you can't do that, just have the script checksum the file every 5
> secs, and if it hasn't changed for 10 secs, you're probably set.
> Use the suggestion from Rick first though.

Since the W2k client users just copy the relvant files using drag'n'drop
something like a semaphore file is not possible.

Mike's suggestion (watch if the file doesn't change for a certain time)
was only a workaround for me when first addressed the problem, but I
think I can live with it because the whole situation is a temporary

Thanx for all your ideas.


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