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Re: weird jump in use reported by df

At 989195842s since epoch (05/06/01 20:37:22 -0400 UTC), burningclown@westhost43.westhost.com wrote:
> I typed df just out of curiosity to see what my disk usage was up to and
> was shocked to see that it had almost *tripled* from the last time I
> checked it (just a few days ago) -- it's gone up from 11% to 27%.

What partition jumped?  Do you keep everything (/usr /var /home /tmp) on one
partition?  If not, then which one jumped?

/var keeps logfiles, which will get bigger without you doing anything.
Also, a percentage is not very useful without knowing how big the parition
is.  On a small disk, a 16% increase could only be a few megabytes.  On a
large partition, it coulg be a few gigabytes.  The distinction, obviously,
is important.

> I hardly know where to start looking into this. Any help or pointers would
> be much appreciated.

'du' will show disk usage for a directory.  For example:

du -sm *

Will list the contents of the current directory along with the sizes of all
the files and subdirectories (the 'm' shows the sizes in MB; use 'k' for KB)

If you use this command at the root of the parition that is growing, you can
try to find where the big space hogs are.  Again, it's hard to give specific
advice since I don't know what parition is growing.


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