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Re: [off topic] about terminology

At 9:15 +1000 7/05/01, Michael Wardle wrote:
Michael Wardle wrote:

 raphael calvelli wrote:
 > - "free software" is confusing because "free" is "freedom" and "zero
 > costing" together;
 > So, what about use of the term "libre software" ? It is already
 > working in italian "libero", french "libre" and spanish "libre".

 "gratis software" would be a good term, since gratis is already an
 accepted English word meaning free (of charge).

Sorry, I should have qualified that.  I meant this in context of
software which is available for $0, regardless of whether the source
is openly available.  This would mean that Microsoft Internet
Explorer (for instance) is also gratis.

Well, I was rather thinking about the other one, because never a misunderstatement occured while speaking in italian about "software libero", when several happened with "free software, which are not only open source but GPL, and that do cost money".

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