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A mess with startx, xdm and gnome

I had installed gnome and xdm under potato 2.2r3 and XFree86 3.3.6 on my
workstation . Sometimes I used startx and some other time xdm to launch gnome
and all had been working great.
Yesterday, because I wanted to install the Gimp 1.2 resorting to the debian
unstable site  packages, I issued the  "apt-get gimp1.2" command which, as
well as downloading and installing the required program, has installed many
other libraries and, above all, the entire set of programs relating to
XFree86 4.0.3.
It all worked fine, all the pieces of software were configured BUT now I
don't have any longer both startx and xdm.
The only thing I can do is start "XF86_SVGA" which shows me a "useless"
graphic display (the same when you start for instance startx) .
Please HELP!
Is there anyone able to explain how can I have the all thing fixed in order
to have startx, xdm and finally gnome working.



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