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Re: a printer for Linux

csj <csj@mindgate.net> writes:

> My Lexmark 7000 can print 300dpi text at 8ppm. Higher quality starts
> at 4ppm.

And my LJ2100M can print 1200dpi text at 10ppm.  I'm sure mine cost
more, but it's a tradeoff.  We need text.  Lots of text, high-quality
text.  We don't need color.  So we chose a printer with a hugh duty
cycle (15,000pp/mo) and the Lexmark 7000 is around 200-1,500.

If you need text (and we do, my wife prints off journal articles like
there's no tomorrow), I don't think you can beat a laser.

Alan Shutko <ats@acm.org> - In a variety of flavors!
The important thing is not to stop questioning.

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