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Re: attempted windows install, linux won't boot

On Fri, 4 May 2001 22:34:41 -0500 (CDT), Petr [Dingo] Dvorak whispered to
the router:

!! either add 'install=/boot/boot.b' line in /etc/lilo.conf and rerun
lilo, or run
!! /sbin/install-mbr and then rerun lilo, then reboot, and as long the
win 98 is
!! on 1st primary partition and linux on 2nd primary partition, or
!! partition, you will not have problem.

windows never installed anyhow, i'd very much settle for a working system
at this point.

install=/boot/boot.b  that line was already in my lilo.conf

so i did, install-mbr /dev/hda

then i tried to run lilo.   
grickle:~# lilo
Fatal: First boot sector doesn't have a valid LILO signature

what in the heck does that mean... 

i've got...

hda1 is my swap partition
hda5 is my root partition (logical)
hda6 is my home partition (again, logical)

so, what am i doing wrong here?     i get a different message where lilo
should be though on boot.



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