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Re: Minor Technical Difficulties

On Fri, May 04, 2001 at 02:52:45PM +0200, Danie Roux wrote:

:I always wondered, why are there different ways of using the runlevels?
:It took me a while to figure out why "telinit 3" won't kill X!

You can configure it to do this, by setting xdm (or gdm or wdm or
whateverdm), to only start in runlevel 5 and be killed in all
others. "man update-rc.d" for the "Debian Way" of doing this.

You can also tailor the runlevels to do more complex things.  For
example my laptop uses runlevel 2 by default, this is basic stand
alone mode.  Runlevel 3 is configured to tie into the lab NIS and
automount maps.


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