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Re: max concurrent processes can't be > 257?

Brett wrote:
> I'm running qmail and am trying to set up linux to allow for hundreds of
> outgoing connections at once (no, I'm not a spammer but the new admin of
> some very large, dynamic mailing lists). I'm using Debian Linux 2.2.18pre21
> and from what I read, it should be quite possible to adjust the maximum
> processes per
> user through 'limit' (or 'ulimit' depending on the shell) rather than
> adjusting and recompiling the kernel. Well, I'm root, I do the adjustments
> to limit ('limit maxproc 1000') but when I check the logs, qmail never gets
> above 257 concurrency (256 is the default limit of maxproc). I do a 'limit'

probably because you did not restart qmail *using the shell with the modified

you can't change ulimits and expect programs that are already loaded to
be affected in any way, it is bash specific.

so, change ulimits, stop qmail, restart qmail, log out of shell. or
change qmail's init script to set the ulimits for you BEFORE it changes
uid to non root.


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